Ellen McCartney is a freelance designer, studio artist and an educator dedicated to innovative teaching practices.  Ellen has 30 years of professional experience  as a costume designer in the theatre industry. She has designed costumes for  over 30  productions including traditional dramas, musicals,  operas, themed entertainment and dozens of experimental works.  Current new work includes collaborations with LA based artists, Richard Algers and Tina Kronis , co –founders of Theatre Movement Bazaar (T.M.B.).  

Ellen holds the positions of  Director of Design and Production and Head of Costume Program at the California  Institute of the Arts. In 2009-10,  she was  co- Interim Dean with Leslie Tamaribuchi.  She was awarded the Robert Corrigan Chair in Theatre in 2007-2013 as special recognition for innovative teaching practices.    At the core of all her teaching are the skills of discipline, creativity, self-awareness and cultural tolerance beyond conventional applications.   Ellen invests in learning experiments exploring the creative process, blurring the boundaries of métier specific content and team –teaching.   She maintains on-going collaborations with faculty across the Institute from film, art, music and dance, which specifically address paradigms for making new works.